Luxury Villa (85 km from Athens)


ID: #25
Price: The price is available upon request
Type: Family House
Location: Loutraki

The property is situated near the touristic town ‘’Loutraki’’, on the 6th Km of the road Loutraki-Perachora (85 km from Athens).

The property consist of 6.650 m2 land (lot) with 15 olive trees and one, exceptional beauty, stone constructed building 378 m2 in two levels.
The main level (172 m2 ) consist of two big spaces with two fireplaces, bar and one small place assistant to the kitchen.
The sub level (206 m2) consist: 1) of one stone constructed apartment 30 m2 with fireplace, bathroom and space for beds 2) 4 WC 3) big kitchen 
4) one warehouse 5) room for the boiler – heating system 6) warehouse with the swimming pool filter-pumb systems.
In the main level there is a covered terrace (balcony) 34 m2. In the front of the building there are 200 m2 terrace in different levels with pergolas soft wood covered for shadow.
In front there is a swimming pool 150 m2 with wooden bridge and one stone constructed waterfall.
Also there are two big parking areas, children area with equipment, big gardens and a big space land for zoo park with 4 lakes (beton constructed) with waterfalls for ducks e.t.c.
The building has central heating system (Fan Coils) with Gas.
The property is situated in a very beautiful natural environment (forest and rocks).
The view of the building is to the mountain ‘’Gerania’’. The other half (1/2) of the land has view to the mountain and to the sea.
The real estate can be used as villa-house.